Kingston Hyper-X Blu 1600 1.5v safe overclock. Perfomance boost without overclock

Kingston Hyper-X Blu 1600 1,5v RAM come with very conservative settings.

You can safely over clock this RAM without going outside the frequency and voltage specifications.

First off, you need to make sure the RAM is getting the 1.5v it is supposed to be. My MB reported 1.47v when left at auto. The max rating for this RAM is 1.575v, the correct operating voltage is 1.5v. We do not want to increase the voltage above the correct operating voltage, just make it correct.

Let us fix that.

find your tool of choice to show the actual voltage, even the MB status will show actual v set.

Increase or reduce RAM voltage in your Advanced Voltage settings until you see the reports matching 1.5v. I have set 1.53v (+0.03v) and shows 1.50 in sensor readings. This is still well below the 1.575v max rating, so even in error of the sensors I am safe the RAM is now getting the correct voltage and maybe even a little extra.

For safety, make sure you never add more than .05v in case your sensors are way off.

Disable XMP profile, then increase RAM multiplier. Your target is the rated 1600Mhz.

change RAM timings from 10,10,10,35 to 9,9,9,24

your done, 8% ram speed increase without any frequency or voltage overclock.


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