Sleep, not just a power saver

After 2 hours ‘dis-joint’ from an ensuing situation, to a completely different frame of reference, then returning ‘seamlessly’; the Nerdy Mind (currently on holidays in Silicon Valley) thought….

” it’s like your mind can hold multiple ‘objects’ of situation, pathological and emotional state (to name but a few of the various existing objects that must be consulted for properties); so allowing to being able to restore almost perfectly the same mood, perception, state of mind, physiological and psychological modifications as required, when you return to that situation.

As long as they are quite ‘dis-connected’ with little object interaction then those daily objects would be very specific to the task in hand.

Would that explain why sleep is so important? So you can take time to process the daily collection of objects and cross reference the data to provide improvements or additions to your daily working object set? ”

Credit : Nerdy Mind, thought of the day (MaDdoG)