Easily find the IP address of your home computer from a remote location.

No registration required. No email address needed, No user details. No software setup.

[Update: 16/6/23: moved,fixed and working….  again 🙂 )


From your home computer simply open the web page, enter any Username/Password/Computer-Name of your liking, and GO>>.

From your roaming device (laptop etc) visit the site, enter the same details and viola! You can see your home IP address, from anywhere in the world.

While there are several ‘dynamic DNS’ services around, and remote control software, very few are free, ALL require registration requiring you to  hand over your email address and other personal details. Then there’s the client software setup etc.

If all you want is to know your home IP address, from anywhere, easily and simply; this is as easy and simple as it gets.