AMD RADEON R7 360 safe overclock.

The AMD RADEON R7 360 comes in many forms. There is no official reference.

Pretty standard form:
GPU clock: 1000Mhz
RAM clock: 6400Mhz

So let us see what is out there.

Gigabyte GV-R736OC-2GD
GPU clock: 1200Mhz
RAM clock: 6500Mhz

All good, now, we will take ASUS AMD R7 360 as an example, as they have 2 revisions of the same model.

ASUS R7360-OC-2GD5
GPU clock: 1070Mhz
RAM clock: 6500Mhz

R2: (R2 must be better right?)
ASUS R7360-OC-2GD5-V2
GPU clock: 1070Mhz – 1090MhzOC
RAM clock: 6000Mhz – 6020MhzOC

What happened to the RAM clock on the R2?


We can see some manufacturers feel confident supplying 1200Mhz GPU’s, and 6500Mhz RAM using the same parts.

Checking the ASUS GPU Tweak tool I could take the RAM to 7500Mhz and GPU to 1250Mhz on a R2 card.

Looks like the R2 card was made so the tweak tool could have more perceived impact. Or with the R1 card over clocking was much more dangerous and needed headroom?

OK, on to the safe overclocking.

This GPU will run all day 1100Mhz 1.225V
Ram will run all day at 6200Mhz with stock cooler.

No voltage overclock needed and not beyond any specification of the GPU or RAM.

Always put power target at 110%. even at stock.

If you want to push it,
GPU 1150Mhz 1.255v
RAM 6400Mhz

Your temps will increase, depending on your card and cooler. Make sure the temps stay below 90C

Anyone with a stock 1200Mhz GPU clock card, please do let me know the GPU Voltage for addition and reference to this article.

Note the GDDR 5 RAM chips are rated at higher frequencies without voltage increase. Simply current and heat is the limit here.


10 thoughts on “AMD RADEON R7 360 safe overclock.”

    1. I have my asus r7 360 v2 gpu clock mhz 1200 and memory clock mhz 6500 power target 110 gpu temperature 35º room temperature 20º fan speed auto.

      1. Be careful. The high temps you have to watch for are under load, when playing games. 35C idle is normal overclocked or not when your not using it.

        1. you were right thx for your answer. i had some artifacts so i had to back to This GPU 1100 Mhz
          Ram 6200Mhz with stock cooler to start again. temperature in game 59º c shadow of mordor

  1. I have a Sapphire R7 360 NITRO and i overclocked it @ 2040mzh @ 10% power limit. I could achieve 2040mhz because i used msi afterburner unlock bios or something. Anyway I get 84 degrees max with my fan set @ 2800 rpm.

    1. as above reply to DoNgeOn, what you clock it on idle does not = under load. You really must thrash the card with something like Uengine for a few hours to make sure about temps and stability.

      The best and easiest overclock is simply to raise the power target so it wont throttle. After that, you are on your own. Different cards, different cooling etc will probably still lead you to ~1100GPU and 6200 GRAM on cards that are not stock 1200/6500.


  2. Old thread but I managed to get my Gigabyte Single Fan R7 360 to 1200mhz on core and 1950mhz on memory thru MSIAfterburner, core temp was 73c after about 10 minutes.
    According to Hwinfo max core power was 163W, which I don’t think is right,

    1. as long as you see a boost in frames, actual performance then sounds good. Not sure about the 163W either. I know when pushed any GPU will start to gulp the power. R7 360 rated at 100W stock, hmm, does sound a bit much.

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