Home-IP is a totally anonymous , free, dynamic DNS home finder.

Privacy Policy
Home-IP complies worldwide by the following staement.
   " We refuse to allow access from countries/states/organisations/individuals or any other method. All users must repsect Home-IP policy on privacy and strict no logging. Home-IP has no logs and refuses to share any data with anyone."


Home = the computer you want to connect to
Laptop = the computer/device you will travelling round with or using in a remote location to connect to your Home.

  1. At Home you select 'This is the Home computer' from the drop-down list below.
  2. After completing all fields hit 'Go >>', you will be taken to the 'Home-IP Updater' page.
  3. The 'Home-IP Updater' page, if left open, updates your Home IP address every 5 minutes.
  4. From your Laptop open this page and select 'I want to connect to Home', enter the same details you entered for Home.
  5. The 'Home-IP Viewer' page will show the current IP address for your Home
  6. Visit to verify your home system IP address

    Please do not use user names or passwords you use for anything else. You can use anything you like here. Just don't make it too simple in case some-one else uses the same details.

    Do make sure you can see the 'Home-IP Viewer', and the IP address matches that shown in the 'Home-IP Updater', before roaming.


- Username
- Password
- Computer Name

    You can use new a Computer Name with the same username/password to monitor several Home systems. Or you can use totally different details for each system.

There is no registration or account, it is up to you to ensure you use a good username/password/computer-name combination that is unlikely to be used by any-one else.

This service uses a Cookie and Javascript to work it's magic. Both Cookies and Javascript must be enabled.    
Users in any country, state or organisation requiring cookie notifications, do not use this site. Probably better you move to somewhere less anal.    

Compliance issue emails.
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